Three Simple Steps Will Get You To Gauging Tanks Safely and Efficiently
1. Purchase  FLIR ONE Infrared Camera Below
2. Download InfraGauge
3. Attach the FLIR ONE camera to your phone and begin guaging tanks!
Note: Ensure iphone has latest IOS update


Per data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 178,300 people work in the oil and gas industry in the US alone. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it’s one that comes with many challenges, whether these employers are CEOs of major corporations or the employees working in the drilling operation. Unfortunately, many of the jobs within this industry are quite dangerous, and workers have even lost their lives.

Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry

Every day, men and women across the country put their lives at risk to perform what should be a relatively simple task – gauging tanks to measure the barrels of oil or produced water inside them. Typically, this involves using a gauge tape that is lowered into the tank, then removed. The employee simply looks at the tape, determines where the moisture stops, and takes a reading in this fashion.

However, there are some inherent risks in using this tank gauging method.

  • Asphyxiation from tank fumes is a real threat when a thief hatch is opened. Also LEL monitor readings will peg out at 100% and render the LEL monitor useless.
  • Fumes from tanks can contain harmful carcinogens; these include, benzene and other harmful VOCs.  
  • To reach the top of the tank, employees must often climb steep stairs. These stairs increase the employee’s risk to falling, tripping and/or injury substantially.
  • Things like inclement weather can also influence the dangers involved with manual tank gauging. For example, climbing stairs in snow, ice, and rain increases slip and fall risks, while taking measurements in high wind can be treacherous, as well.
  • Often, weather conditions can make it difficult to accurately read a correct level from the gauge tape.
  • Static electricity is another important factor to consider; fumes can be ignited by a spark from the person gauging or from simply opening the thief hatch.

In response to these risks, some companies have installed TLI’s (Tank Level Indicators), which gauge the level of the tank electronically. Some of these devices use guided wave radar or other technologies to gauge their distance from the top of the tank to the fluid below. While these options are certainly safer than traditional tank gauging methods, they are often unreliable, expensive to maintain or repair, require hardware installation, and require a power source.

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid these risks.

Introducing InfraGauge

InfraGauge is an application that allows oil and gas industry employees to perform safer, more efficient, and faster tank gauging. Using nothing more than a FLIR ONE® infrared camera and a simple application, it’s possible to determine tank level and liquid volume inside a tank instantly – without the need for expensive tank top hardware, and without the need for a risky venture to the top of the tank. It’s a product that will undeniably save lives, and will improve industry efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Climbing stairs takes time—InfraGauge eliminates stair climbing. This increases worker efficiency by allowing employees to focus on production rather than spending hours climbing stairs and manually gauging tanks.
  • The readings are accurate and come with little to no safety risk, which can reduce safety concerns on the job and save employers millions of dollars each year in medical costs, insurance claims, lost work days, OSHA recordable injuries and other liabilities.
  • Readings are available in real time, and thanks to the application, they can be shared with anyone instantly, anywhere in the world.


InfraGauge is a brand-new company with one very important goal in mind: improving the safety of employees working in the oil and gas industry. Gauging is one of the most dangerous activities performed in the industry, and it’s claimed numerous lives through asphyxiation, slips, falls, explosions, and more.

InfraGauge has partnered with FLIR®, a global leader in infrared technology, to bring you this revolutionary application, allowing a user to do his or her job safer.

The InfraGauge application serves to allow employees to take infrared snapshots of tanks from a distance and then allows him or her to gauge the tank using the application. This eliminates exposure to harmful fumes, ignition sources, (including static electricity), the need for self-grounding, and the risks associated with climbing stairs in all weather conditions.

InfraGauge was created by pumpers for pumpers who have experienced the tedious act of tank gauging, which means every consideration has been made along the way. Though safety is the company’s main motivation, it focuses on all aspects of the oil and gas industry, including reducing overhead costs while increasing revenue, boosting workplace efficiency, providing more accurate record keeping, and improving communication across the board.

The application uses infrared imaging technology to compare temperature differences, which can provide an incredibly accurate measurement without the need to climb tanks or rely on sub-par/unreliable technologies like floats or guided wave radar TLI’s. Instead, a simple photograph is all it takes to provide 100% reliable information in real time. The photographs can be used to update records, and then can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

InfraGauge was also designed to be affordable enough for oil and gas companies of any size to use. This means whether a company has 10 employees or 10,000, there’s a plan that will provide safety for a nominal fee. It benefits large corporations, smaller oil and gas businesses, and every single employee working for those companies, too.

The team at InfraGauge is eager to solve today’s tank gauging problems, and it is proud to play such an important role in saving lives around the world. It’s a low-cost, low-risk alternative to every other tank gauging option available, which makes it a necessity for any company in the oil and gas industry.


A simple download of the InfraGauge application can save time, save money, and save lives all at the same time.
Get the app now to quickly and safely gauge your tanks!

How your employees will benefit?

  • The workplace becomes a less stressful environment since employees are no longer required to climb tanks to obtain measurements.
  • Injury risks decrease substantially since employees can take measurements from a distance using simple infrared imaging. This means to fumes, no sparks, or stair climbing.
  • Taking a photo is far quicker than trekking to the top of a tank, and this will allow your employees to focus on more important aspects of their jobs.
  • Along with the photograph, InfraGauge also creates proof that the employee was physically on-site to take the photo, and there’s proof that the tank was gauged according to company policies.

How your company will benefit from this technology?

  • When employees are spending less time gauging tanks, they have more time to focus on production tasks that generate revenue.
  • Fewer employee accidents can lead to better productivity, a stress-free environment, and even reduced employee insurance costs. Fewer accidents also keeps more employees on the site, which negates the need to hire more employees.


Whether you have questions on product pricing, integration, operation, or even technical questions, the team at InfraGauge is standing by to help. Just contact us and we’ll lend a hand. Our email support team responds to each email within 1 to 2 business days.

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